Hi there, I'm Greg.

Why did I decide to get into restaurant consulting, you ask?

Well, you probably didn’t, but it’s a good question. So I’m going to answer it.

I’ve spent the last thirty-five years in the restaurant industry; working my way up from dishwasher, to cook, to server, bartender, executive chef, owner, and anywhere in between.  I’ve led my restaurant from an outlier to being nationally famous, with prestigious awards and accolades aplenty. After long consideration, I realized that I’m too old for the grind, but I still love this industry.

Over several decades, I’ve worked in diners, fast casual places, beach bars, dive bars, and white-tablecloth fine dining. I want to use these experiences, knowledge, and the skillset that I’ve developed over these years to help new or existing operators turn their visions into reality and realize maximum profitability in an increasingly competitive business environment.

In my career, I’ve opened restaurants for other people as well as building my own, and I’ve seen first-hand how design mistakes interrupt workflow and inhibit efficiency or negatively influence customer perception of your vision. Lack of proper process and training at the beginning of small operations snowball as the enterprises grow. Not having a firm understanding of all costs involved and how to control them whittle away at profitability to the point of non-existence. I’m not blameless in these mistakes, but I have a firm grasp of the pitfalls of the industry and plans and processes in place to avoid them from the get-go.

I’ve also taken over struggling operations and turned them around, maximizing profits where formerly there were none. I know, I know, there are plenty of TV shows where a chef or a team of experts descend upon a business and shout their way to efficiency. I’m not that guy. All of that bluster makes for good ratings but does it have long-term sustainability? I have the ability to analyze an operation and identify the choke-points that create issues and spin costs out of line. By implementing procedures for all aspects of the business, these problems find resolution; increasing guest satisfaction and profitability.

Lastly, I know what works. I know the products, drinks, and dishes that resonate with customers across multiple demographics, which allows me to design food and beverage programs that speak to your target audience, with the processes to produce them with quality, efficiency, and profitability.


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