Various Publications
2012 - Present 

Executive Chef / Co-Owner
The Refinery Tampa, FL
2010 - Present

Executive Chef / Co-Owner
Cooks & Company Tampa, FL
2007 - 2010

Food Writer
Tampa Tribune Tampa, FL
2007 - 2010

Executive Chef
Tuscany Grill Portland, OR
1998 - 2001     

Western Culinary Institute
Portland / Le Cordon Bleu 




Communal Table

“One of the hardest things for me in the restaurant business is that we run on adrenaline at the times where most people are relaxing. When the rush is over and it’s time to go home, our bodies are exhausted but our minds are still running full-bore and most of the world is asleep. What are we supposed to do with that combination?”

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“A restaurant screws two hardworking guys with families to support and continues to profit by making false claims. There’s no enforceability for asking people to do the right thing; it’s simply a question of morals and ethics and the presence or lack thereof.”

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Guest Chef Series

“There was a really dark weekend about four years ago. Our tiny little place had just gotten a Beard semifinalist nomination for Best New Restaurant. Business shot up 60 percent overnight. Along with that surge in dollars was an accompanying surge of new clientele, many with preconceived expectations of what being in consideration for such an award entails. Some were assholes about it; they were the people we have never, ever wanted to cater to.”

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Guest Chef Series