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From Startup to Tune Up

For restaurants, bars, coffee shops, markets, and bakeries. Greg can work with everyone from fast food to fine dining, from the conceptual stage to opening the doors. He can create systems for every aspect of the business and instill a realsense of hospitality for the best customer experience possible, whatever end of the spectrum you may be on.

Start-up services can include food menus and beverage programs, tuned to resonate with today’s consumers – from appetizers to wine, cocktails to teas and kombuchas. Smart design, flow, and systems createa sense of real hospitality that will give your operations a greater chance of success in this increasingly competitive market.

Tune-up services can take an operation that might be coasting or may have stumbled a bit and put them back on track for success. Greg’s not a bombastic made-for-tv presence that shows up and berates people into line; he is a dedicated professional that will analyze and optimize your current systems and build that sense of true hospitality in your operation.



Greg can deliver complete menu design for any operation, from fast food to fine dining. His broad knowledge of global cuisines and eye for quality and detail provide him the ability to provide menus that resonate with today’s consumers while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

From simple menu planning to full cost analysis and sourcing, Greg can customize a plan that fits your organization’s needs.



Consumers are more likely to utilize a brand when they feel informed and engaged that brand.

Customized, recipes are a proven means to brand growth. Greg can work with your brand to develop consumer-friendly recipes and meal plans that increase customer engagement and build brand loyalty.